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Home Entertainment Reaches New Levels With Prestige Tables.com

Entertaining At Home is on the Increase! 

The homeward bound cocooning trend has made stay at home entertaining vastly more important to consumers. Games rooms are becoming an essential feature in many homes with the provision of activities to amuse the entire family paramount. Availability of design led homes games equipment now reflect this change in market trend. Quality, finish and aesthetics are everything to this new breed of games room enthusiasts.

What products are most popular in a home games room?

We have found that the essential go to product is the pool table. Usually American pool (spots and stripes) as opposed to English pool (reds and yellows) or snooker. The reason for this preference is that American pool uses bigger balls and bigger pockets, making the fun of potting more accessible to more participants, plus the range of designs and styles for American pool is far greater due to its greater demand worldwide. However all types of cue sport games can be played on any table by the provision of different ball sets, just as long as the table is rectangular and has 6 pockets of course.

This is followed by Air Hockey and Table Football in terms of popularity.

However, be aware that the game play and the enjoyment in playing these games room pieces is badly affected by lower quality, toy type versions. A wobbly pool table with small plastic balls, or an Air hockey table where the puck runs too slow or lifts off, make for a less than ideal playing experience and even novice players will notice the difference from what they enjoy playing in arcades, pubs and clubs.

Why has this trend emerged?

Going out for entertainment is reducing in all sectors. Staying in to enjoy electronic gaming, quality dining, home cinema experiences and now games room games. It seems this trend is across the board and growing. There are numerous reasons behind this change in peoples habits. Expense is an obvious one with a night out costing potentially £100s. Taxis, meals, drinks, plus entry fees or pay per play all add up. This money can be invested in improving the home (adding capital value), plus providing a good time and entertainment in a faster, impulsive and more convenient manner. 

Safety is another concern with media driven fear of late night trouble spots, home seems safer!

Undoubtedly the drink driving consideration plays a part. Sensible to stay at home and have a beer or wine whilst shooting some pool than to frequent the pub and have to abstain or get a taxi.

Aren't games rooms only viable in extremely large homes?

Games rooms are now being placed in all sorts of domestic locations. Garages are common, typically the modern car is quite at home if let outside in all weathers year round and most garages are left empty or filled with junk. Attics and basements work equally well. Add to this the fact that most pool and snooker tables will breakdown into smaller components and thus allow access through loft hatches and tight stairways, opening up numerous possibilities.

Outbuildings such as sheds or purpose built 'garden rooms' are increasingly being  constructed to house what are commonly referred to as 'man caves', although the modern stylish games room is as much appreciated by the rest of the family of course!

If space is still an issue then one of our fantastic, space saving premium Pool Dining Tables  work perfectly to turn any dining room into a games rooms in seconds, you'll be the hosts with the  most at any dinner party with one of these, available in styles and features that will put you hard pressed to tell that it can be converted to a games table. Furthermore once converted the playability and games play is second to none, again unnoticeable.

For several years now we here at Prestige Tables have been working with our carefully selected partners to provide the best in games room and home tables. We can cater for all needs, why not add poker and dining tops or consider one of our multi games tables to further open up your home entertainment options?