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Healthy Lifestyle and Quality Gaming Tables!

If you are looking for a reason to buy a quality gaming table from Prestige Tables ltd, or your looking for some good excuses to help talk your partner into it then try this on for size:


Playing games provides a lot of health benefit such as:-

  1. It increases the hand-eye coordination.
  2. It increases the concentration power of the person towards a particular situation.
  3. It helps in increasing the imaginative ability of the person (as he or she tries to follow the storyline of the game and formulate ways to win).
  4. It relieves stress and pressure from the person,and helps in relaxing.
  5. You can find peace in games. You definitely will forget your problems in life when you're playing.
  6. Some games such as snooker are so complex that they require a good combination of your hands and mind. Nothing better than a good exercise for your brain.

Furthermore why not look at one of our multi functional tables. We have a great selection of Pool Dining tables which are ideal to cover many bases. On the one hand you have a premium, sleek looking and elegant dining table on which to host your dinner parties. On the other, you have a tournament quality English or American Pool table which will enable you to spice up any dinner arty and also have you down as the hosts with the most on any occasion!

Many of our tables also come with the option of a table tennis top so if you don't have the space for one of our fabulous Stiga or Sponeta, German engineered Table Tennis Tables, you could take advantage of the table top option on one of the pool or pool dining tables. Many of these Table Tennis tops are made to tournament standard and will play just as well as the real thing. 

So, our Gaming Tables are not just for the man cave or the new loft conversion, they fit the bill for all the family and all come with serious and numerous health benefits!